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Objectives of the MEIBC Communication

The MEIBC Communications offers implementation support to the integrated group strategic plan informed by the summarized strategic plan document.
Our main focus is to build the MEIBC brand to be used as a benchmark against which all other bargaining Councils can be measured against.Corporate Branding and Public Relations of the MEIBC as a brand.Implement new initiatives to effectively brand and profile MEIBC as an organization of value and influence.

Marketing and Events

  • To position the MEIBC as the Industry Thought Leader through national brand management.
  • To develop a brand awareness programme to position the MEIBC as a progressive, pro-active responsive and evolving brand.
  • To outline mechanisms of sharing up-to-date information about the MEIBC’s activities with stakeholders.
  • Publish and share with stakeholders, cutting edge case study materials and critical implementation lessons to inform national policy decisions.
  • Position the MEIBC as a niche specialist intervention that has evolved from stakeholder collaboration
  • To create maximum exposure of the MEIBC’s brand and The Office of The General Secretary and the services offered.
  • To establish partnerships and leverage on brand management, marketing and Public Relations
  • To Promote the industry’s Integrity as a custodian in sustainability and maintenance of decent jobs.
  • To address long term transformation of the MEIBC
  • To Profile the MEIBC Groups’ Executive Members in Leadership.
  • To manage the Council’s Branding and Visibility through various media platforms
  • To offer best in class networking platform opportunities for the Industry through knowledge management showcasing the latest developments through credible speakers.